A mother-of-three has been left “absolutely sickened” after her a neighbour vandalised the car of her elderly parents.

The woman’s parents, who are both in their 70s, were babysitting their grandchildren in their daughter’s Sydney home when an angry neighbour wrote on the car in permanent marker.

When they returned to the car, they found ‘footpath’ scrawled in the difficult to remove ink across the bonnet.

The north shore local posted a photo of the vandalism to a local community Facebook group to appeal for more information.

“My dad parked in our driveway to help my mother get closer access to the house given her abilities,” she wrote.

“In doing so, they were blocking the footpath but walkers could still walk around the back of the car.”

The woman explained that her parents had planned to move the car, but didn’t get the chance as their three young grandchildren required constant supervision.

The couple went to move their car at 9 am on Sunday morning when they saw the permanent marker across the bonnet of their white Toyota Camry.

“I totally understand the concerns of blocking the footpath but to write with permanent marker all over their front bonnet is disgusting erratic behaviour and I’m absolutely sickened to think a person such as this lives nearby,” the post read.

“This is vandalism and is illegal!! I feel so sorry for this person in every way as they would have had so much hatred at the thought of walking around a car to go home and get a marker, come back and vandalise a car.”

“Just WOW!!! Next time be a big enough person to ring the doorbell and advise [us] directly so we can fix this in an amicable way and you can walk the straight path that you so desire. Or if you wish to remain anonymous write it on PAPER!”

The post was flooded with sympathising locals, while others believed her parents should have seen it coming.

“Wow I can’t believe someone did this what an a**hole!!!! Your poor parents I hope they are ok and not too upset,” one local wrote.

In opposition, one person wrote, “Unpopular opinion, but I don’t have much sympathy available for this. Don’t block the footpath. Easy as.”

Image credits: Facebook

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