Janice Boyd, a widowed grandmother, was betrayed after lending a former friend Sean Brown $40,000.

She took her story to A Current Affair and the show exposed that he failed to pay back any of the money Boyd had lent him.

She said that Sean Brown had promised her that he would pay back the loan but had not made any repayments 18 months later.

Within days of the A Current Affair episode going to air, Boyd had received $30,000 from Brown.

“He sent the email saying that $30,000 had been deposited and ‘I need time to pay the rest’, so let’s hope it all happens,” Ms Boyd said.

Boyd’s granddaughter Elle said that they didn’t think he’d ever pay the money back.

“I think he took this opportunity and ran and maybe held a lot of guilt for it and he knew what the right thing to do was, which was repay the money,” Elle said.

“But I think until he could see Nanna … I think once he saw how upset Nanna was and how much she needed it, the guilt got the better of him.”

Boyd first received the funds as part of a compensation payout after her husband died in 2019.

“We got it back Nanna,” Elle said.

“Thanks to you and to my gorgeous granddaughter,” Ms Boyd said.

“Thank you, A Current Affair. You’ve really done a good job.”

Photo credits: Nine News

This article originally appeared on Over60.