A retired Australian pensioner who has won more than half of a million dollars in the lottery has revealed he is giving it all away to his lucky family and friends.

The pensioner from Spencer Gulf, in South Australia was found to have won $613,000 in the Saturday X Lotto draw on April 4.

However, while many would use that money for themselves, he says he will only be keeping a small portion for himself.

“I'm giving it all away to my family!” he declared. 

“I'm going to pay off my children's mortgages and give some to my friends. 

“I'm going to buy my neighbour a new car as he often drives me around. Now we can drive in style. 

“The only thing I might buy myself is a nice new comfortable bed.”

The winning numbers were 33, 36, 11, 39, 19 and 22, and the supplementary numbers were 7 and 18.

The retiree was one of just seven division one winners from the draw, with three coming from Victoria, and one each coming from New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

The kind-hearted man who purchased his winning ticket at the Terry White Chemist at Port Lincoln revealed its not his first time winning a lottery.

“A couple of years ago I won division two but finally winning division one is just a beautiful feeling!” he said.  

This article originally appeared on Over60.