Perfume is an essential for many women. With hair and makeup being a standard part of many people’s routines, perfume is the final step before you head out the door. But while it may seem like a simple task – I mean, how hard can a few spritzes be? – according to Calice Becker, the woman responsible for some of your favourite scents, there are many fragrance dos and don’ts.

Speaking to Vogue Australia, Becker revealed exactly what we should be doing when spraying and layering on scents, and also how to find a signature scent that will last the test of time.

And according to the expert, we’re making some pretty crucial mistakes when wearing perfume.

“I would definitely suggest trying on, to wear different scents and fragrances, and see how you feel about them,” she said.

“The most important thing is to live the fragrance and take the time to ‘taste’ it, to follow its evolution with no hurry…”

With most of us just spritzing our perfume in a rush before we head off to our destination, Becker says it’s important to spend time spraying on your perfume, because there’s a right way and a wrong way.

“Of course, you can wear it on the pulse points, your wrists, the back of your knees, your elbows and why not your ankles,” she explained.

“But as perfumes are emotions, I think you should wear a fragrance where it makes you feel well.”

And when it comes to the wrong way of wearing perfume, the master perfumer says rubbing is a big no-no.

“Rubbing the fragrance and putting the fragrance on clothes instead of wearing it on skin. The first may ruin it and the second does not allow the fragrance to interact with the skin which is what makes it so personal,” she said.

“But again, you should be free to wear it where you prefer, also on clothes if you feel this makes them more ‘personal’.”

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