A farmer in New South Wales has honoured a late family member in a very unique way.

Ben Jackson, from Guyra in northern NSW, was unable to attend his aunt’s funeral in Queensland due to COVID-19 border closures and restrictions.

So instead, he paid tribute to his aunt in a very special way, and captured it all on his drone camera.

The farmer used his property to create a love heart shape out of grain, causing hundreds of sheep to get in the formation.

He captioned the video saying, “I made this for my Aunty Deb. We said goodbye yesterday.”

“I hope you had a peep down and saw this from up there.”

Bridge over Troubled Water can be heard in the background of the video, with Ben saying it was one of his aunt’s “favourite tunes”.

The impressive tribute was played at Deb’s funeral in Brisbane in place of her nephew’s unfortunate absence.

The farmer said he had been feeling “hopeless” on his farm, while being unable to travel to support members of his family.

“…I wanted to show my love somehow. I know there are lots of people in worse situations, but it’s still painful,” he said.Ben has long been creating “sheep art” on his property, and said his aunt loved to visit and hear about his latest creations.

“I just hope that when I did it, Debbie took one eye off from having a yarn with her loved ones up there and looked down and saw my heart for her.”

Image credits: Instagram @electricpostman

This article first appeared on Over60.