The summer barbecue is a classic Australian tradition, and the pinnacle of this tradition comes on Australia Day. Make sure your backyard guests are well fed with our top 10 picks for Australia Day BBQ recipes!

Lemon ginger sumac barbecued prawns

Prawns (definitely not shrimp!) are a mainstay of a summertime barbecue and the perfect addition to any meal. This recipe adds the delicious flavour of lemon ginger which is sure to delight!

Marinated lamb skewers

These deliciously marinated lamb skewers are a simple and easy addition to your food platter – full of flavour and succulent with each bite. The maple syrup and soy sauce in this recipe go fantastically well with lamb so make sure the meat is thoroughly coated with the marinade. 

Summer Mexican salad

Perfect for a sunshine-filled day, this salad is perfect to balance out the heavier meat options, and is sure to delight your guests’ tastebuds with an added health-kick!

Barbecued tuna steaks with walnut sauce

This quick, simple dish showcases meaty tuna with a walnut sauce based on tarator, a Middle Eastern sauce often served with fish in Lebanon and Syria – perfect to broaden the taste palette of your BBQ!

BBQ mushroom skewers with rosemary gremolata

If you find yourself with leftover mushrooms in the fridge before the big day, simply throw them on the barbie and let the magic happen with this recipe.

BBQ rack of lamb with mango chilli lime salad

A perfect combination for a summer barbecue, the fresh salad pairs beautifully with the tender, juicy lamb.

Smoky BBQ pork belly with caramelised Dutch carrots

This one might take a bit of preparation the day before your barbecue, but it’s definitely worth it for a pork belly fix that’s crispy, succulent and dripping with tasty goodness – need we say more?

Prawn salad with nuoc cham

This light salad is perfect on a hot summer’s day – delicious fresh prawns served with a fragrant, spicy sauce. 

Moroccan butterflied lamb leg

This hearty barbecue dish from Shane Jacobson is sure to impress with its mix of Moroccan spices.

Classic pavlova

There’s no better dessert for Australia Day than the much-loved pavlova. Topped with fresh cream and seasonal fruit, your guests will love you for it!