What to do with your Christmas leftovers?

After a huge Christmas lunch or dinner, most of us don't even want to think about eating or cooking the next day! But, as we all know hunger will once again catch up with us and if you have some leftovers, we've got some tasty and easy recipe ideas below, that will help you use up your leftover meats and vegetables.  

Speedy spicy turkey & ham fried rice
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Let's face it - the last thing you want to do on Boxing Day is cook more. This super fast egg-fried rice makes is the perfect dish for using up some of your leftover ham and turkey. And if you're really thinking in advance, why not cook the rice the day before? Recipe here

Chicken and Mango noodle salad
Mango -salad

Take the heat out of summer with this low fuss, no cook chicken salad. It can be made without mangos, but if you have any leftover from your Christmas feast, they add a nice, sweet kick to the dish. Recipe here 

Roast vegetable slice
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A light and easy dinner meal if you're looking to use up leftover roast vegetables - and if you happen to be looking after the grandkids it's a great way to get them to eat vegetables too! Recipe here 

Christmas Club Sandwich 
Club -sandwich -retirementlivingtv

Make a scrumptious cafe style sandwich filled with leftover roast meat, stuffing and salad for an easy-peasy lunch time filler. Recipe here 

Pytt y panna (little pieces in a pan)
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This fabulous recipe is from Jamie Oliver and is an easy, brilliant every day dish, perfect for when you have leftover meats and vegetables. All you need is a frying pan and some oil and viola! Your next meal is served. Recipe here.

Boxing Day Bubble and Squeak 
Bubble -and -squeak

Christmas leftovers are perfect for this English dish. You'll need leftover vegetables including carrots and potatoes and the great thing about this recipe is it holds the same amount of calories as a large blueberry muffin - but is far more nutritious! Find the recipe here.