A former Coles worker has shed some light on the meaning behind a secret code on the bottom of sales tickets.

Ex-employee of ten years Jarrah shared the news while responding to a Coles customer who was excited by some reduced potatoes. 

Shopper Teagan had posted by the bargain but had no idea how long the marked-down potatoes would last before going off.

“Cheap spuds!” she wrote on the Markdown Addicts Australia page.

“Not sure for how long though.”

Jarrah commented explaining how you can figure it out.

“Judging by the discount tag [it’s] 07/10,” he wrote.

“Bottom right of all yellow tags gives the end date.”

Coles -spuds

He added: “Joys of being an ex-employee of 10 years!”

Teagan was stoked by the information.

“Pretty good! I’ll definitely keep the trick in mind for the next specials.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.