A scorned bride-to-be has won over thousands after she explained why she’s selling her engagement ring.
UK single mum Lisa placed an ad selling her engagement ring, offering it for sale at £500 ($AUD $900) and accepted “reasonable offers”.

Lisa explained it had been worn for 9 months and was purchased from a popular store.

When another Facebook user asked why she was selling the ring, she got more than she bargained for after a 600-word-long reply from the seller.

Lisa, a nurse, also said she was going to use the money from selling her ring to have a “banging Christmas dinner”.

“Well, Pam, I met this bloke about three years ago and thought he was really nice – a big soft giant, been hurt and cheated on blah blah blah [who] was going to make me happy and all that bollocks.

“So I thought I’d give it a try being the naive, vulnerable person I am and not realising everything he was saying had happened to him is actually what he had done to his ex wife – and before that, the mother of his children.

“I am a mug, Pam. I really am.

“Anyway, get back to the story. So I meet this bloke, don’t find him physically attractive that much but a nice person (again, wrong).

“So fast forward a year and he proposes to me on a holiday to Egypt which was really nice and all but I knew then it wouldn’t ever happen cos he repulsed me more than attracted me. I’d actually said to my daughter the day before that I’d die if he proposed on this holiday and **** my life, he did it.

“Anyway, I had to say yes cos we were in a restaurant full of people, all tables decorated and about 10 Egyptians stood round the table waiting to do this traditional Egyptian dance thing.

“The ring’s already inside a glass of champers which I wish I’d taken the risk of choking on to be honest. And it’s all too late, I’m in too deep, Pam.

“My daughter’s white [with shock], my other daughter’s crying, I’m crying through despair not happiness – little did they know and it’s all gone too far, Pam, I couldn’t say no then could I?

“Anyway, fast forward again a few months and he’s already had seven birds behind my back – well tried – six turned him down and one was a prozzy (prostitute). So I can’t say he did actually cheat, but he did try.

“So by now I’m really not feeling it all so [I’m] thinking just get past Christmas, then next thing ******* boom! We’ve booked a New York trip and I’m trapped again. At least he can’t propose on this one though.

“So a week before New York, we have a massive row and the horrible fat bastard strangles me on the bed mid-way through an argument. Oh and he’s just admitted to stealing over $50k out of his dad’s bank account, who’s got dementia so bad that the poor old sod doesn’t even know what a bank account is any more!

“So I’m at the end of the road by then, Pam, I really am! Proper had enough babe.

“Anyway, fast forward again to four weeks ago and I won in court for the trying to kill me blip and got him a nice electronic ankle bracelet to wear. And I thought you know what, now it is definitely over now and I’ve still got that f****** ring I wish I’d choked on.“It’s Christmas and I’m a single mum, I work part time as a nurse and I’m skint so let’s sell this little beauty!

“I mean it was only an investment for him really as women are just there to feed and pay his bills so I might as well get some dollar back and have a banging Christmas dinner, Pam!

“Might even buy me a nice pair of shoes too so I can walk away from the next fat bastard who tries to ruin my life.

“He’s moved on too, Pam. Got a new bill pair now so it’s definitely not needed.

“So that’s why I’m getting rid Pam, hope that answers your question.”

People were shocked by the reply, saying it was a “wild ride”.

“No multi-billion dollar Hollywood blockbuster has ever been nearly as entertaining as this roller coaster,” said one.

Wrote one more: “Oh, I love Lisa. She’s honestly great. I hope she has a great Christmas.”

Said a third: “I thought the ‘I’m a mug Pam, I really am’ part was the funniest, but it really only got better from there!”

This article originally appeared on Over60.