An elderly couple who have been married for 60 years tearfully reunited at an assisted living home.

Due to residing in the USA, the pair had been separated for 215 days, apart from a few emotional visits through a window. 

The pair are living at Rosecastle at Delaney Creek and the heartwarming reunion was uploaded to Facebook by the assisted living home.

“We got to witness these two resident love birds see and hug each other for the first time since the pandemic,” the Rosecastle at Delany Creek’s Facebook post said.

“Get your tissues out!”

The post says that Joseph was in rehab after a surgery and the pandemic prevented the pair from seeing each other while Joseph recovered.

“With just phone calls and a few window visits – they persevered,” the post said.


The video shows Joseph's wife, Eve, sitting at a table while Joseph is being wheeled over to where she's sitting.

“Who’s waiting for him over here?”

“Look Miss Eve, who’s here?” the person off camera says.

The pair embrace and start to cry, as they're overwhelmed with emotion.

“I sure missed you,” Joseph cries behind his face mask.

“I didn't think I'd ever get over here.”

“You’re alright, I love you so much. For sixty years I’ve done something right,” Eve said to try and calm him down.

The life enrichment coordinator at Rosecastle, Clary Abreu said Eve was very excited to see her husband.

“[Eve] was so excited that she paced probably all night and she sat out in the dining room waiting for him,” she said.

This article originally appeared on Over60.