ALDI has launched packs of “Anti Snore Pillow” – and fans are expecting them to pop up on the shelves across Australia soon.

The German retailer has released the special pillows by Kirkton House at its UK stores.

The pillow, priced at £5.99 (AU$12) each or £11.98 ($24) for a two-pack, is equipped with an S-shaped foam core which “helps to elevate the head position, keeping your airways open”.

Some shoppers have given rave reviews for the item. “Didn’t expect it to work but I was wrong. Hubby says I’ve been quiet all week. Peace!” one wrote.

“The wife threw one of these pillows into our trolley for a laugh two weeks ago, for the money we had nothing to lose,” another shared. “Apparently it has reduced my snoring so much that she is able to sleep.”

One said, “Bought two of these and am somewhat surprised at how effective they are. Not only has my husband’s snoring reduced … but it’s also helped reduce ongoing pain in his shoulder as neck and head support mean less weight on it.”

ALDI Australia told Over60 there are currently no plans for the pillows to be sold in Australia, but shoppers are hoping the product might be included in upcoming Special Buys.

This article originally appeared on Over60.