A spokesperson for Prince Harry and Meghan have confirmed that the couple purchased the internet domain names “Lilibet Diana” and “Lili Diana” before their daughter’s name was approved by Queen Elizabeth.

A spokesman for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said they had purchased a “significant” number of domain names covering the different baby names they were soldiering, The Telegraph reports.

After the admission, questions are being raised as to whether the couple asked for the Queen’s approval for naming their child Lilibet, the monarch’s own childhood nickname.

The registering of several domain names suggest the couple had a Plan B if the Queen had not approved the name Lilibet Diana.

The domain name was registered in the US on June 4, The Telegraph reports.

June 4 was the day baby Lilibet was born and two days before the announcement was made public.

The domain name was registered several days earlier on May 31 – indicating the baby girl’s name was well and truly settled on before her birth.

It’s likely the domain names were bought to stop others from cashing in on the baby’s name, or to launch a foundation in her name later on.

“Of course, as is often customary with public figures, a significant number of any potential names that were considered were purchased by their team to protect against the exploitation of the name once it was chosen and publicly shared,” the spokesperson said.

Lilbet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor was born at 11:40 am local time on June 4.

This article originally appeared on Over60.