The parents of a teenage girl have received praise online after a photo surfaced of their daughter with an older woman. 

A thoughtful onlooker snuck a picture of a “gorgeous red head girl” she spotted sprinting up to a senior lady in Sydney’s east, who was carrying several grocery bags on her own. 

Without hesitating, the girl who appeared to be in a school uniform, offered to carry one of the lady’s bag to help lighten her hefty load. 

“Whoever owns this gorgeous red head girl walking down Brisbane Street, Bondi Junction, carrying this lady’s heavy bags for her, take a bow,” the excited observer said in a post to Facebook on Friday.

“You did something right. She sprinted up to the lady asking if she could help.”

The image appeared to inspire a number of Facebook users who joined in on praising the people who are responsible for caring for her. 

“This would be amazing if it reached her parents. Well done,” one impressed user wrote in a comment.

“Parenting inspiration for those hard days,” another said.

“Love this,” a third added.