Former US reality star Jedidiah “Jed” Duggar and wife Katey have faced backlash over their “insensitive” pregnancy announcement.

The 22-year-old and his wife broke the news that they are expecting their first child in an Instagram post that didn’t exactly go to plan.

The couple embraced each other in the photo, with Katey holding up a board that read, “And then there were 3. Baby Duggar. Spring ’22.”

Jed then captioned the post, “She tested positive, but not for Covid. Baby Duggar Spring ’22.”

The controversial captioned grabbed people’s attention, with many slamming the message as “insensitive”.

TV personality Katie Joy condemned the couple, saying how inappropriate the message was given the current COVID-19 outbreak in their home state.

“Arkansas is facing some of the worst with COVID right now due to low vaccination rates,” Joy wrote.

“656,000 Americans have died from COVID since the virus hit 18 months ago.”

Fans of the couple reacted in a similar way, with the post racking up over 1,000 comments.

One user replied, “Having 2 family members pass from COVID, I find this very tasteless and insensitive.”

Another wrote, “I hate this. It’s so tacky and distasteful. People are dying.”

Image: Instagram @jed_duggar

Despite the controversial caption, many users congratulated the couple on their happy news.

Jed and Katey also shared a video to YouTube where they filmed the reactions of their families finding out about the pregnancy.

“Praise the Lord, they all know,” Katey said in the video. “It’s all so surreal. I’m super excited,” Jed added.

Image credits: Instagram @jed_duggar

This article first appeared on Over60.