The holiday season might make us more inclined to browse through stores and make impulse purchases. The convenience of online shopping makes it easier to find the best deals and get your gifts and necessities in order. However, if you’re trying to stay on budget, there are things you can do to avoid overspending on the internet.

Remove your details

Make the shopping experience less convenient and build a buffer between your banking account and the shops by removing all your payment information from your phone and go-to shopping websites. While it doesn’t fully prevent you from spending, putting in your credit card information manually might make you think twice about that item.

Wait it out

You might be worried about the cut-off dates, but waiting it out might be more beneficial for your wallet. “Put the item in your cart online and wait – ideally, at least 72 hours,” Lending Club financial officer Anuj Nayar told Mic. “You will, most likely, change your mind about making the purchase, realise you don’t love the item as much as you did a few days before or forget about it altogether.”

Follow financially savvy accounts

Keep your head in the goal of saving by having like-minded people in your social feed. You will be able to see other people’s journey towards similar objectives and perhaps gain a few helpful tips along the way.

This article originally appeared on Over60.