Cleaning the kitchen bin is household chore that can be easily overlooked until a stench begins to creep into your home.

To rid your bin of the odour, follow these deep cleaning steps so that you can have a fresh-smelling and clean kitchen bin. 

1. Put on your rubber gloves

Cleaning a bin requires you to handle an object that has been full of food scraps and questionable liquids, it is best to wear some rubber gloves to protect you from the germs.

2. Empty the bin

Begin by emptying your bin and ensuring that there are no lingering food particles in the bottom. Your main objective is to remove any gunk that can be seen.

3. Wash the bin

If you have access to an outside area, take your bin outside and hose it down. If you can only clean your bin indoors, then you can do this in the bathtub. Once the bin has been rinsed, pat it down with paper towel.

4. Spray with disinfectant

Using a disinfectant cleaner of your preference, generously spray down the inside and outside of your bin. Also include the top and bottom of the bin as you spray.

5. Scrub the bin

Use a toilet brush or other long-handled nylon bristle brush to scrub your bin thoroughly. After you have finished scrubbing all over, let the disinfectant cleaner sit for five minutes.

6. Rinse and dry

After the five minutes has passed, rinse the can thoroughly. Depending on what you prefer, let the bin dry in the sun or dry it with a towel.

Once you have deep cleaned your bin, maintain your hard work by wiping down the inside and outside of the bin with disinfectant spray every time you empty the trash can.

What are your tips to cleaning a stinky bin? Let us know in the comments below.

This article was written in partnership with Over60.