How to grow a lemon tree from pips

Don't throw away those citrus pips!

Citrus pips germinate easily at any time, but they will produce better plants if sown in spring or early summer.

TIP: Feed lemon trees in spring and summer with a citrus plant food.

Step 1: Plant pips

Plant six pips about 10mm deep and spaced evenly in a small pot of seed-raising mix, then water well. Cover the mix with the base of a clear plastic bottle.

Step 2: Separate seedlings

Separate the seedlings when they’re big enough to handle. They should appear after about a month. Transplant them into individual small pots filled with lime-free potting mix.

Step 3: Position pots

Position the pots in a cool spot in bright but indirect light. As the plants grow, replant them into larger pots. Pinch-prune for a bushy shape or trim to size in late winter.

Republished with permission of Handyman Australia.