Actor Hugh Grant went into graphic detail about the strange symptoms he experienced while battling coronavirus this year.

Grant, 60, and his wife Anna Eberstein were struck with the illness and Grant made the detailed confession on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The pair suffered from normal coronavirus symptoms, which included a tightness in the chest and a loss of smell but also experienced other odd symptoms.

“It started as just a very strange syndrome where I kept breaking into a terrible sweat,” he said, describing it as “like a poncho of sweat.”

“Then my eyeballs felt about three sizes too big and this … a feeling as though an enormous man was sitting on my chest, Harvey Weinstein or someone,” he said.

Grant started “to panic” when he lost his sense of smell.

“I started sniffing flowers, nothing. And you get more and more desperate. I started sniffing in garbage cans. You know, you want to sniff strangers’ armpits because you just can’t smell anything,” he explained, telling Colbert he even resorted to spraying his wife’s Chanel No. 5 perfume “directly” into his face.

The pair have since recovered from the illness and a recent test reveals he now has antibodies for the virus.

He's not the only celebrity to experience odd symptoms from COVID-19, with actress Alyssa Milano losing a lot of her hair after just one brushing as she was diagnosed with COVID-19. 

“I am what they call a ‘long hauler’. Last night, I had real heaviness in my chest. I went to the ER just to make sure it wasn’t a blood clot. Thankfully, it wasn’t,” she wrote on Twitter, seemingly having the same symptoms Grant experienced.

This article originally appeared on Over60.