Fashion designer Pip Edwards has confirmed that Michael and Kyly Clarke are back together at Australian Fashion Week in Sydney.

Edwards was asked specifically about photos of the Clarkes on a romantic weekend away and refused to supply details.

However, she did say that she was feeling “great” and “I wish them well”.

The pair started dating after Michael Clarke and Kyly Clarke split after seven years of marriage in September 2019.The pair didn’t reveal their break up until February 12, 2020 and Michael started dating Pip as the pair have been friends for more than a decade.

Michael and Pip broke up in February 2021 whereas Kyly, who was seeing V6 Supercars Champion James Courtney, broke up with him in December.

Rumours of the Clarkes reuniting were sparked after The Daily Mail posted pictures of the pair on a romantic getaway in Palm Beach.

The pair spent two nights in a $13 million mansion, owned by former Crown Resorts chairman Rob Rankin, and costs $2,400 a night to rent.

An onlooker told The Daily Mail that the pair were “quite affectionate”.

‘I’m convinced they’re back together. We’re talking very much an item, not just friendly exes,” the onlooker commented.

The Clarkes have not addressed their reunion.

This article originally appeared on Over60.