IKEA is offering a range of practical and stylish homewares, including a range of baskets, armchairs, a hanging organiser and much more.

The latest product drop in February is focusing on a mindful lifestyle while bringing nature into the home through greenery. Natural colour palettes with fresh hues are contrasted sharply with accented colours.

TJILLEVIPS basket range

This is a range of sustainable handmade baskets that are woven from six different types of plant fibres, which include bamboo, rattan, seagrass, banana fibre, poplar and jute.

BINGSTA armchair ($199)

There are low and high back versions of this chair on offer and are two colours available. The colours are subdued and elegant grey or a dark shade of yellow. 

KORNSJÖ cabinet with mirror ($299)

There are plenty of storage options for bags, shoes and belongings that are unsightly. It comes in a nice dark shade of grey.

BORSTAD hanging organiser for accessories ($16.99)

This hanging organiser boasts plenty of storage if there’s not a lot of space left in your cupboards.

Head to to see the full range. 

This article originally appeared on Over60.