Nigella Lawson is currently delighting Australian screens with her long anticipated My Kitchen rules debut.

The iconic food writer has replaced chef Pete Evans on the 2022 season of the hit Channel 7 series and has managed to single-handedly revive the struggling franchise while it competes with its rival show, Married At First Sight on channel 9.

Lawson published her first cookbook in 1998 and her TV show Nigella Bites ran for two years. The beloved chef turned 62 in January, leaving people everywhere stunned to learn her real age.

One person said: “Can someone explain to me how Nigella Lawson can look so stunning ALL THE TIME? she 62yo and looks 42 What kind of witchcraft is she performing!”

While another tweeted: “Nigella Lawson is 62???? As a white woman she looks very decent, even her hands don’t show her age wow”.

The mother-of-two has credited her youthful look to avoiding the sun and eating “lots of fats”. She previously told Oprah that she was “trying to go with” ageing.

Comments continued to roll in: “I’m sorry but HOW is Nigella Lawson 62?!”

“Nigella Lawson is 62. I refuse to accept this.”

It has been understood Nigella will only feature in half of the reason with former MasterChef judge Matt Preston back for the second half.

Image: Instagram

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