There is something so simple and elegant about a dress. So uncomplicated. I just love that it’s a complete outfit in one item – no need to agonise as to whether the top works well with the skirt, or whether trousers would be a better match. Decision made.

And a dress is so flattering. An experienced dress shopper can pick out the right style for her body. For instance, as a slightly curvier woman, I appreciate a shift dress. Its streamlined design makes me look slimmer (got to love that) and much more stylish.

Good dresses have a double layer over the bodice to give smoother lines (and hide underwear) and fit beautifully.

Over the years I have developed attachments to certain brands and styles so that I know I won’t make a wrong decision (especially as I do a lot of online shopping).

I wear pretty cotton dresses with sandals all through summer and understated woolen dresses throughout winter. It’s the ideal solution for all social occasions – they never let me down.

Dresses are also incredibly age-appropriate, especially when they sit on or around the knees. My days of mini skirts are long gone (and not missed).

A dress is perfect if you work in an office where you might be called for an important meeting without notice – slip on a pair of heels if you need to dress it up and you are good to go.

My love of the dress is one of the reasons that I enjoy Melbourne Cup week (this year it’s on Tuesday, November 1) so much. It’s the pinnacle of perfect dress-wearing situations.

Here’s where I bring out my favourites – a fire-engine red dress that I bought on sale from Diane von Fürstenberg and DVF to her fans, or my new love, a pretty printed frock from Leina Broughton, an Australian designer who just knows how to dress those of us of (ahem) slightly more mature years.

3 top tips when looking for a dress

I chatted to Leina, who said she sells a lot of her classically simple and stylish dresses to the over 50s because, as she says, “Style isn't something that fades with age, it may change but the desire to look and feel great continues”. 

She offered her tips on how to find the right dress for you. She says it’s all about feeling comfortable in the dress you choose.

“Comfort is confidence,” she adds. “Dresses for me are so easy, you are literally taking one piece to complete the look and every time I wear a dress they have the power of changing my confidence and changing the way I feel. They are so feminine.”

Leina recommends knowing what your style is when choosing the perfect dress. “Whenever you are wearing something that doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t look right either.”

She even prepared a great and informative video for WYZA® readers with her top tips on how to choose the right dress – see the video below.

It’s definitely time to say yes to the dress…