Women all over the world are sharing their support for Finland’s partying Prime Minister by sharing videos of themselves dancing online.

The Finnish PM, 36-year-old Sanna Marin, made headlines in recent weeks after leaked footage of her dancing at an event with celebrity friends went viral.

The videos, which were taken as she danced with friends in two private apartments and then at a nightclub in Helsinki, have led to her being criticised and forced to denounce the use of drugs on her night out.

She also was questioned about her alcohol intake on the night in question, and while she denies waking with a hangover or drinking to excess, she said she has as much right to a night out as anyone else, saying, “Everyone needs a fun and relaxed evening out.”

As the controversy around her party night continues, professional women around the world have been dancing in solidarity, as they stand with the Finnish PM and her right to a night off the top job.

A clip shared by the Danish magazine Alt on Instagram showed several women celebrating, with some clubbing or at home to show their support for the Prime Minister.

The magazine said they had “leaked” their own dancing videos online, in reference to the video of the prime minister, which was leaked last week.

“SYMPATHY LEAK! In solidarity with Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin (whose party video has been leaked, so that certain types are now questioning what one can allow themselves to do as Prime Minister),” the post’s caption read.

“We at ALT for the ladies’ editorial office have emptied the camera roll of clips that should never have seen the light of day.”

“And no, you don’t become a worse prime minister, director, school teacher…put in a job yourself…by firing it up on the dance floor at the weekend.”

Others have been posting messages of support with the hashtags #solidaritywithsanna and #istandwithsanna.

Comments of support have flooded online spaces, with one woman saying, “I say ALL women across the world need to post videos of themselves dancing and partying with friends!! Let’s blow up the internet women!!”

Another said, “Let’s show those with a “crotchety old men mentality” that they can stick it where the sun don’t shine!!!”

Image credits: Instagram / Getty Images

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