The cricket world is in mourning following the devastating death of legendary player Andrew Symonds.

The 46-year-old died on Saturday night after his car veered off the road in a single vehicle accident near his home in Hervey Range, in the city of Townsville, Queensland.

Two witnesses who were first on scene following the awful accident have given more insight into what happened – including the fact that Symonds’ two very loyal Blue Heelers were also in the vehicle at the time.

“One of them was very sensitive and didn’t want to leave him,” the unnamed witness told Courier Mail.

“It would just growl at you every time we tried to move him or go near him. My partner tried to get (Symonds) out of the car, to put him on to his back.

“He was unconscious, not responsive and had no pulse.”

Waylon Townson was another witness and told 9News that Symonds had no pulse when he tried to help.

“He was stuck in there, so I tried to pull him out,” he said.

“(I) started doing CPR and checked his pulse but I didn’t get much response.”

Police continue to investigate the incident which has seen Symonds leave behind a wife and two kids.

Symonds’ wife Laura has spoken out since his death saying the family is still in “shock” and described him as “the most laid-back person”.

“I’m just thinking of the two kids. He was such a big person and there is just so much of him in his kids,” she said.

“Nothing stressed him out. He was an extremely chilled operator. So practical.

“He was never good with his phone but he always had time for everyone.”

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