Ten kangaroos have been evacuated to safety as Russia continues attacks in Ukraine’s second major city, Kharkiv.

A video shows the animals being transported to a new home from Feldman Ecopark where three staff and animals including orangutans were killed after they were caught in the horrific war zone.


A van driver fleeing with the frightened kangaroos says: ‘It is one month since the war began and we keep evacuating the animals.’

Other footage shows the peace and tranquility at the Kharkiv zoo before the war began.

‘These kangaroos are already safe,’ said the zoo.

‘This is very good, because their enclosures, unfortunately, were repeatedly shelled.

‘We believe that now they will be fine.’

A statement said: ‘Many thanks to volunteers and employees who take risks to save animals, as well as to our many friends – caring people, businesses and non-governmental organisations who help us financially and make our rescue operations possible.

‘Your support truly saves lives.’

The kangaroos were the latest to be saved from Feldman Ecopark in Kharkiv. Sadly, some have been killed in the attacks.

‘We cannot avoid tragedies,’ said a spokesman.

‘Four fallow deer and three Welsh goats became victims of another barbaric shelling.

‘The list of victims of aggression among our pets is growing – it already includes large cats, primates, ungulates, marsupials, and birds…

‘Feldman Ecopark has been on the line of fire for the last month.

‘In order for the mournful list to no longer expand, we must take out all the animals.’

Ten days ago mortar shelling by the ‘Russian aggressors’ destroyed the winter enclosures of great apes at the popular facility, killing two orangutans and a chimpanzee.

Staff and rescuers have recently managed to save rare spurred turtles, along with white-nosed and blue monkeys. The turtles each weighing over 100kg.

‘For the first time in Ukraine, these Red Book giants successfully bred in our Ecopark, and we believe that everything will be fine with them.’

Interfax-Ukraine news agency reported that the zoo had more than 300 species of animals but were repeatedly hit by Russian shelling since the 24th of February.

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