The Supercheap Auto worker stood down after confronting a shoplifter won’t have to look too far for another job – after his bold act has made him a prime candidate to other employers.

The man appeared in a viral video captured outside a Gold Coast store in which he attempted to apprehend a woman pushing a pram covered by a blanket.

After they both struggled to take control of the pram, a box was knocked to the ground from under the blanket and the woman said: “You can have the f***ing rotor mate.”

The pram was filled with stolen goods, and didn’t contain a baby at the time. After being hailed a hero online for his ballsy approach, it has been revealed that he was in fact stood down while the incident was being reviewed internally.

As Supercheap Auto faced backlash over its decision, other companies have since rushed to put in a good word with the worker in the hope of poaching him for themselves.

Rival store Autobarn in Burleigh Heads was the first to offer him a new job, with owner Michael Farrar saying he was just the type of employee he was looking for.

“His actions showed to me that he is a loyal person and someone we would want on our team,” he told Gold Coast Bulletin, adding his store had about $15,000 worth of items stolen in the last two years.

Car wrecking business Southport Auto Recyclers has also thrown its hat in the ring, posting online offering him an interview.

“If anyone knows him tell him to DM us or tag him, we would like to interview him for a position should he require one!” an employee wrote on Facebook.

“After watching the video it’s crazy that Supercheap have stood him down after the commitment to them he demonstrated!”

The video on TikTok alone has been viewed more than 5.5 million times since being uploaded last week.

Images: TikTok

This article first appeared on OverSixty.