Jackie ‘O’ Henderson has opened up about her divorce and life as a single woman, breaking down in tears after admitting she “yearns” to find a partner someday.

Speaking on Jess Rowe’s podcast The Jess Rowe Big Talk Show, the popular radio host said that while she’s learnt to be comfortable in her own company since splitting with her husband of 18 years, British photographer Lee Henderson, she misses having someone to share a meal with at the end of the day.

The exes, who share a 10-year-old daughter named Kitty, split in 2018 with Jackie revealing she intends to wait until Kitty is a teenager until she looks for love again.

At the end of the wide-ranging chat, Jackie broke down in tears as she talked about her longing to find someone when the time is right.

“I’d just love to sit at the dinner table with someone and have dinner, that’s what I yearn for and that’s the thing I miss most about my old life,” she shared while beginning to cry.

“It’s a funny thing what we miss. It can be the littlest things, you know and for me it’s having that family time at the dinner table, that used to be my favourite part of the day.”

Following the split, Jackie shared she found herself revelling in her own company, having been in back-to-back long-term relationships since she was a teenager.

Jackie says while she would like to meet someone new eventually, she is focused on her daughter and “bestie” Kitty, adding that she feels it’s important to show children a healthy relationship.

“I’ve got a bit of time, I can wait. I’d rather the small little window before she’s off with her friends….i don’t want to complicate it with somebody coming into my life just yet,” Jackie said.

Jackie and Henderson share custody of Kitty and remain good friends.

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This article first appeared on Over60.