For the first time, Kamahl has opened up about his separation, and the addiction that he believes contributed to it: his addiction to social media.

The singer was married to wife Sahodra for 55 years, before announcing their separation earlier this month. Kamahl made the announcement in an interview with New Idea, and admitted that he’s “praying” for a reconciliation.

Now he’s opened up about what he believes contributed to the breakdown of his marriage, his social media addiction. Appearing on A Current Affair, the 87-year-old said that he blames himself for letting himself be distracted from what really matters. He revealed that he was spending up to five hours a day scrolling social media, saying, “I was isolated with my computer. I think she was sick and tired, I’m consumed with politics. I’m tweeting from morning to night … I’m paying a terrible price for it.”

The singer also revealed that he has gifts waiting for his former wife, but isn’t sure if she’d want them, saying, “She might throw it back at me, but I’m going to give it to her anyway. She really is the wind beneath my wings. I now realise I probably wasn’t the most attentive husband.

“Fame can do that – it can distract you from what really matters. But I’m keeping everything crossed we can work through this rough patch, as she really is my everything. “At the end of the day, I am the sinner. She is the saint.”

The couple have two children together – son Rajan, 52, and daughter Rani, 50 – and Kamahl said that despite the split, they remain close. “Thankfully, things are convivial – we see one another regularly. She still cooks me her unbelievably delicious lamb shanks every fortnight.”

Earlier this year, Kamahl opened up about his treatment on Hey Hey It’s Saturday, after videos of his appearance on this show resurfaced online. Appearing on Studio 10 earlier this month, he said of the episode, “There is a reason why they did what they did. The reason is that I was successful … They couldn’t understand it … It’s a form of envy, jealousy, hate. It was their form of cutting the tall poppy down.

“It hurt, of course it hurt. It’s terrible to be humiliated. I know they wouldn’t hit John Farnham or Jimmy Barnes in the face with a powder puff, but the root of it was I was too successful for them … If I was a nobody, they wouldn’t have done anything.”

Image: Hanna Lassen/WireImage

This article first appeared on Over60.