Kyle Sandilands has drawn criticism for skipping the 120-person queue to get his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at Westmead Hospital on Tuesday night.

The radio host defended the move, saying he was simply using his “celebrity privilege” to jump the queue.

On Wednesday morning, the shock jock discovered live on-air that he had been called out in a now-viral Reddit penned by a member of the public also waiting in line for the jab.

“Kyle Sandilands cut in front of me in the vaccine line… Not the least bit surprised,” the post read.

When confronted with the accusation, Kyle said: “That’s right, that’s celebrity privilege right there.”

Co-host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson then asked how many people Kyle had cut in front of at the hospital.

“Probably about 70 people,” Kyle replied. “And then in the waiting room there was probably another 50 people, I walked straight through past them.

“But that is what happens when you are white, old, fat, male and a celebrity. Privilege still exists.”

But, it appears that Kyle is simply stirring the pot, with his management team making a statement to the Daily Mail confirming he didn’t physically push in.

The Reddit user backed up the claim in later comments and wrote that they were more amused by the fanfare surrounding the star’s arrival than upset by his queue jumping.

“The optics of the huge line and him pulling up in his Bentley were just too funny not to share. I think if this encourages his listeners to get the jab, I’m all for it,” the user wrote.

“He didn’t physically push in. He was escorted by the media. [I’m] not genuinely upset. Just found it entertaining during my boring wait.”

In a clip shared on the Kyle & Jackie O Show’s Instagram account, Kyle is seen encouraging others to get the vaccine and admitting he couldn’t understand the apprehension, saying: “It’s one needle to save us all.”

Image: Kyle & Jackie O Show / Instagram

This article originally appeared on Over60.