When Lara Worthington – née Bingle – married actor Sam Worthington in 2014, it was a very private affair.

The ceremony was held in Melbourne, and no more than 10 guests witnessed the exchanging of vows – which, apparently, they wrote themselves. The couple didn’t even hire an external caterer for their reception, with Lara’s mum overseeing the food instead.

As the model explained to Marie Claire, “my mum instilled in me that it’s important to maintain a little bit of mystery. I think it’s hard in this day and age to achieve.”

“We tend to try to keep our lives as normal as we can,” she made a point to add. “I don’t think about that stuff [the tabloids] ever. I don’t make it my reality.”

And while many respect the couple’s desire to keep their private life to themselves, one detail about the day has eluded fans of the couple for almost a decade, begging the question “Lara, where the bloody hell’s your dress?”

With no photographers at the event, and no magazine spread typical of a celebrity wedding, speculation is all anyone has had to work with. That, and a post from right after the event, when Lara uploaded a picture of herself in a charging room wearing a white Louis Vuitton gown.

In the years since, Lara had kept tight-lipped, until Marie Claire finally got the answer out of her – the infamous dress seen on the then-7-months-pregnant Lara was, in fact, her wedding gown.

“I bought it in London a couple of days before we were about to get married,” she explained. “It was lucky they had something to fit me because I was seven months pregnant with Rocket at the time. I don’t recommend being pregnant and getting married.

“I still have the dress and would never part with it.”

Lara – who has since moved to New York with her family, husband Sam and their three beloved children – is rumoured to have been able to secure the dress through certain connections forged as “Australia’s fashion darling”.

And while fashion is something that Lara clearly holds close to her heart – having explained in her interview that “fashion is something that, without saying anything, you can show your personality through” – her new life in America seems every bit as special.

“I love the culture of living in New York with the boys,” she confessed. “We don’t have a car, so they ride their scooters home from school, which is a nice change from the LA bubble.

“We often stop at museums or an art gallery on the way home from school, which I love because I didn’t get to experience that when I was growing up. The boys love the Museum of Natural History, although they’re also like, ‘we’ve been there five times now, can we not?’”

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This article first appeared on Over60.