A new study by McCrindle Research has shown the least popular baby names in Australia for 2021.

Names like Remi, Harlow, Hallie, Maeve, Adeline, Molly, Maggie, Delilah, Eliza and Isabel have entered the Top 100 girls’ list.

However, other names like Riley, Alexis, Victoria, Madison, Lilly, Chelsea, Indiana and Thea have been kicked out.

“Heidi was ranked 78 in 2020 and to see it drop out completely was really interesting,” Ashley Fell, social researcher of Australia’s Top Baby Names 2021 report, told

Other classic names like Heidi and Victoria have also been removed from the top 100.

“Heidi has been a consistent name ranked in the 90s over the last decade but has since left in 2021. It shows Aussies are over it,” she told

“Victoria is a bit more of a traditional royal name, but we’ve seen the next generation of royals influence Gen Y parents today (Charlotte, being the top name) and other names like George, Harry and Louis pretty popular in the boys’ list, showing the impact of the next generation of royals.”

It appears that the new list of baby names are being replaced with more creative names.

“Parents don’t want their child to be among 10 Heidis in a class and that’s one of the reasons we’re seeing such greater variety with new names entering the list,” she explained.

Boys names weren’t forgotten in the research either, with Leonardo, River, Luka, Lewis and Lennox breaking into the Top 100.

Unfortunately, this was at the expense of names like Tyler, Jake, Christina, Nate and Aaron.

New boys’ names were added to the Top 100 list, twice as many girls’ names were added (10), and when we look at the most popular names that have emerged in the Top 100 over the last decade, there are three times as many girls’ names that have entered, than boys’ names,” she said.

This article originally appeared on Over60.