A mighty car park debate has caused great tension after a woman claimed an inconsiderate motorist blocked her from getting from the wheelchair access point to her car.

The Mercedes driver parked in an Australian Council for Rehabilitation of Disabled (ACROD) clearance zone to drop her friend at Fiona Stanley Hospital, south of Perth, on Thursday.

She quickly became frustrated to see what had happened when she returned to her vehicle.

A smaller vehicle had parked alongside her in the zone, which prevented her friend from being able to get back in via the wheelchair access point.

The woman shared an image of the incident to Facebook and gave a recall of the situation.

She criticised the “thoughtless person”, who also had an ACROD pass, for parking so closely to her.

“I came out of the hospital today, having transported my friend that is having radiation treatment and in a wheelchair, to find that some thoughtless person also with an ACROD pass displayed had parked in the space available for me to access my car,” the woman wrote.

“I hope that if you see this you will appreciate the inconvenience that it caused my friend and be more considerate next time.”

More than 100 people weighed in on her complaint with many divided on who they believe was in the right.

“Has anyone considered the person in the other car and their situation. They seem to be getting the raw deal here and no one knows their condition,” one person said in response.

Others targeted the woman for her crooked parking.

“The Mercedes Benz needs to learn how to park,” one wrote.

Others asked why the woman could not simply move her vehicle a little further forward so her friend would not have any issues.

“Next time move the car forward and your friend would not have had any problems hopping in – really no inconvenience,” one wrote.

This article originally appeared on Over60.