One woman has taken to social media to ask if she is in the wrong or not after she decided to name her newborn after her biological mother, which left her step mum seething.

Taking to Reddit, the new mum wondered if her decision was “insensitive” to not include her step mother in the baby name.

“I had my daughter last month,” she explained.

“I named her after my mum because she and I are so close and I loved the idea of my daughter having my mum’s name.

“I honestly did not think of my stepmum when I was picking the name, but she was upset when we announced the name and she made it very clear that I was insensitive because she has been in my life since I was 5 and she felt like if I could honor one mom, why not honor both.”

The mum went on to say that speaking to her mother was a “really awkward conversation” because she wasn’t a huge part of her life.

“I spent most of my time at my mum’s growing up and really I was more focused on my relationship with my dad as a kid,” she said.

However, even when the mum explained that “it had not been intended as anything against her”, the step mum got even more upset.

“told me the least I could have done was warn her,” the new mum wrote.

“I guess now I’m just wondering if she was right that at the very least I should have given her a heads up?

Things are pretty explosive now and she’s angry and sad.”

Redditers were quick to jump to the new mum’s defence, with one writing: “You are not responsible for your step mother’s feelings or expectations.You’ve named your daughter honoring both sides of her family, how many names was she expecting you to give your daughter?”

“She is trying to guilt-trip you,” another wrote.

“A true mother wouldn’t make such a big whoop about a grandchild being named after her,” a reddit user said.

“You get to name your kid whatever you want to, and please, don’t give her a thousand middle names, just to please people.

“Having a lot of names can be a real drag.”