A woman has slammed a driver on Facebook for taking up two disabled parking spots at a shopping centre in Queensland.

“Permit or not, does not give you a right to be an entitled p***k and take up two spots because you couldn’t be bothered taking your trailer home first,” the frustrated woman wrote on Facebook along with two photos of the parking job.

“No excuse, one permit, one parking spot.”

In the post, it’s not clear whether the driver of the Keep has a disability parking permit, but the photos sparked a debate on the post.

One commenter questioned the circumstances around the park.

“Not excusing but just wondering if there is something around there that would require them to have a trailer to pick up something?” one commented.

“In which case if you have a permit how would you go about being able to pick up something whilst also accessing the space you need?”

Another commenter wasn’t interested in the reasons why, and slammed the parking job as “very selfish”.

The original poster confirmed there was a Bunnings nearby, but felt that was no excuse for the driver to take up two disabled parking spots.

“There is a Bunnings close by, however that is NO excuse for this kind [of] entitled behaviour,” she wrote.

“I was not excusing the parking. I was trying to figure out what one would do if they need a disabled park but also need to have access for using a trailer,” the woman questioning the circumstances around the park replied.

“They should park elsewhere while towing a trailer then,” the original poster insisted.

In Queensland, the fine for illegally parking in a disabled parking spot is $533, but the Queensland Government states that private car parks may charge their own fees.

Photo credits: Facebook

This article originally appeared on Over60.