It didn’t take long for a group of Facebook commenters to proclaim an unnamed grandmother guilty of having absolutely “no heart” after she left her son’s stepchild off her Christmas list.

The anonymous grandmother was outed by a friend of hers who saw a “heartbreaking” photo shared by the gran on social media.

In the photo, four children can be clearly seen wearing adorable matching Christmas pyjamas – but of particular interest is the fact that a FIFTH child is visible siting on the end wearing something completely different, making them the obvious odd one out.

The friend who shared the photo captioned it with the words: “Some people out there with no heart!”

“A friend of mine is married. Mother-in-law bought matching PJ’s for all kids EXCEPT the one that doesn’t belong to her son. Is she wrong?” she asked on a local Facebook group page.

Members of the Facebook group where the photo was shared were horrified by the image and did not attempt to hide their anger.

One person commented that the grandmother was: “100 per cent wrong”.

“The woman should feel ashamed of herself for leaving an innocent child out.”

“This is horrible to the core,” wrote another.

A third added: “Wow what a horrible thing to do.”

Some commenters defended the grandma, calling it “her choice”, while one pointed the finger at the mother for not preventing the cruel act in the first place.

“The mum should have refused them,” one person wrote. “To let this happen and then take a photo as well.”

Blended families are always complicated and no one knows the real story behind the image, but being excluded is never a good feeling, especially for a child at Christmas.

Image: Facebook 

This article first appeared on Over60.