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Your usually ravenous pup won’t eat
Your usually ravenous pup won’t eat

No, your dog doesn’t think she needs to go on a diet. A change in appetite can signal a number of medical conditions in dogs. It can also mean your dog is in pain. “Owners usually notice when their chowhounds aren’t living up to their usual reputation for eating anything they can get their paws on. Lack of appetite, or, inappetence, as your veterinarian may call it, can be a sign of pain, or discomfort. If your pup has never missed a meal, there is reason to be concerned about her turning up her nose to food and treats,” says veterinarian Meghann Robinson. If your dog’s only symptom is skipping a meal, make sure her food is fresh and passes the smell test before you panic. Try giving her tasty, nutritious food you know she loves, such as cooled home-cooked chicken without seasoning. If her appetite remains on-off for more than a day or two, call the vet.

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