Why you should adopt a pet

Caring for a pet later in life is a worthwhile experience. Pets can provide great companionship and scientists have found pets can help fight disease and even assist us in coping with chronic conditions. (Read more about that here). 
However, have you ever thought about adopting a pet? There are many shelters and organisations that can facilitate a successful adoption of a puppy, cat, bird or even a rabbit in need. 

Why should I adopt an animal?

By adopting a pet, you are giving an abandoned animal a second chance. Not only will you be rewarded with a loyal and loving companion and new friend but you can also find comfort in the thought that you helped this little creature to a better life. Adoptable pets listed by reliable organisations have been health-checked and assessed for temperament, basic manners and toilet training. Sometimes, a pet that is up for adoption will live with a foster family before finding it's forever home which means you don’t necessarily have to put in the hard yards when it comes to training. 

The pets you can adopt vary greatly in age. Often you may find that a fully-grown pet suits you temper better than an unruly puppy or kitten. Generally, adult pets are more mellow and well-behaved, however your bond with them can be just as strong. 

In Australia, approximately 250,000 dogs and cats are euthanized at pounds and shelters every year. So if you’re looking to purchase a pet from a shop or a breeder please do consider adopting one from a shelter - you may just save a life. 

What kind of animal can I adopt?

Sites such as RSPCA.org.au makes it possible to search for Pets in need of adoption in an area near you. While dogs and cats are the most popular, there's also rabbits, birds and even crabs and fish! Before going ahead an adoption you should consider your particular lifestyle and what type of pet you can manage to look after. 

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