Controversial British broadcaster Piers Morgan has wished Harry and Meghan all the best after the arrival of their second child, a daughter called Lilibet.

Australian breakfast show host Karl Stefanovic from Today asked Morgan what he thought about the name Lilibet, which is a nickname for the Queen.

Morgan refused to put a “negative slant” on the name.

“I always think when a new baby is born, I’ve had four myself, it’s churlish to put any negative slant at such a moment,” Morgan told the Today host.

“I wish them all the very best. There is four in the family now. I wish them every success and a long and happy life.”

Morgan couldn’t help himself from commenting on the name, saying it might be an attempt for the couple to reach out to the monarchy after the royal split.

“It’s quite ironic isn’t it. You have this couple who have been trashing the royal family and the monarchy for the last few weeks and they have named the baby after the Queen,” he said.

“She is the head of the royal family and the head of the monarchy.

“Maybe it’s their way of reaching out, as the Americans say, to the royals and wanting some kind of end to this on-running feud.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.