While all Aussie drivers already know about speed cameras, red light cameras and mobile phone cameras, there could soon be another camera catching out negligent drivers on the road.

New technology could soon allow police to detect when drivers are too tired to be operating a vehicle.

According to the Herald Sun, high-tech cameras are being tested to see if they can scan motorists’ pupils and accurately detect their level of fatigue.

The device would be used by police to assess Aussie motorists who they’ve pulled over for driving in an unsafe manner.

Victoria Police have shared their support for the technology that will scan drivers while they are in their car, however, the research by VicRoads and Monash University is not yet complete.

Before the cameras are used on Victorian roads, a year-long trial will take place to test the results of Australia’s first ever roadside fatigue detection test.

The trial will assess the fatigue levels of drivers who have been awake for 32 hours before and after taking part in a two-hour monitored drive.

The participants will drive a duel control vehicle and be accompanied by a qualified driving instructor.

In Victoria, 20 per cent of road crashes were caused by drivers who were fatigued.

Roger Chao, a vehicle access director, believes the new technology could have the capability to save lives.

“Roadside tests for drugs and alcohol have helped take impaired drivers off our roads – we want to see if a roadside fatigue test could have similar results and help keep all road users safe,” he said. 
Article created in partnership with Over60