Any sighting of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son Archie is a blessing for royal fans.

However, sightings are far and few in between as the pair moved to Canada to start a new life.

However, fans were delighted to hear Archie’s first words spoken to the public in a new podcast run by his mum and dad.

The former Duke and Duchess of Sussex teamed up with Spotify to launch Archewell Audio, a platform that aims to highlight a range of different voices and perspectives.

The very first episode had 19-month-old Archie stealing the show.

Doting dad Harry urged Archie to speak into the microphone.

“You can speak into it” before Meghan asked: “Archie, is it fun?”

And in one simple response, our hearts burst under the surmounting cuteness as Archie responded: “Fun.”

The happy couple also coaxed baby Archie into wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

“After me, ready? Happy…” Harry begins before Archie follows with “Happy.”

Chiming in together the parents then say “New” before Archie adorably jumps the gun and responds: “New Year!”

Fans loved the video, saying it was Archie’s laugh that they enjoyed most.

“It’s the happy little giggles for me!” one fan commented.

Another agreed.

“That was precious. Was there a slight British accent from Archie?”

This article originally appeared on Over60.