Toilet paper company Quilton have shown they really do love our bum, after they donated one million rolls to help out Aussies in need.

Coronavirus has many people panic buying – despite calls not to – and toilet paper was one of the first items to be stripped from shelves.

Heartbreaking photos of elderly people struggling to find toilet paper began to surface on social media, with people desperately asking for others to stop stockpiling as some people in the community couldn’t afford to do so.

Supermarkets are trying their best, as they introduced dedicated shopping hours for seniors and limits on the amount of items people can buy, but many shelves still remain bare.

Quilton is now stepping in to help those who may be missing out on toilet paper as people continue to stockpile.

From March 24, Quilton will be donating 1,000,000 toilet rolls to Australians who need it most, including the vulnerable and elderly.

They said they will be working alongside a number of different charities to make sure the toilet rolls end up with the right people.

“They will be the ones making sure the donated rolls end up where they are supposed to,” said Quilton.

This article originally appeared on Over60.