On Saturday night, Anthony Albanese addressed the nation as the Labor party claimed their victory in the federal election.

As the 31st Prime Minister stood on the stage, someone else stole the spotlight.

Albo’s son Nathan has sent the internet into a frenzy, as many commented on the 21-year-old’s good looks.

Anthony Albanese introduced his son to the crowd, while also acknowledging Nathan’s mother, his ex-wife and former NSW Labor MP Carmel Tebbutt who was in attendance.

“Nathan Albanese is a very good looking young man. And Mum Carmel is in the crowd and acknowledged! How lovely,” a woman tweeted.

“Nathan Albanese – Australia’s most eligible bachelor,” another said.

One person said, “We will protect Nathan Albanese at all costs,” while another honestly claimed, “Nathan Albanese can get it.”

Mr Albanese described Nathan as his ‘good luck charm’ earlier in the campaign, and paid tribute to his son and his mother in his victory speech.

“To my proudest achievement, my son, Nathan. Thank you, mate, for your love and support,” the new PM said.

“Your mother, who’s here tonight, Carmel, we are both so proud of the caring, wonderful, smart young man you have become.”

Following the victory speech, one man tweeted, ‘Good old Nathan Albanese totally has the look of ‘holy f**k my dad is the Prime Minister.”

Another praised the new PM, saying, “More than a tear. Albo also thanked Carmel Tebbut (Nathan’s mother), his son Nathan and his partner Jodie Haydon. Says a lot about the man Albanese is.”

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