Easy ways to reinvigorate your relationship

As couples grow and age together, so to do their level of comfort and familiarity. However, with heightened intimacy also comes greater difficulty in keeping the flame of romance alive.

Whether a relationship is long-term or new-found, it is essential to put in effort to maintain the often elusive ‘spark’. 

Here are a few simple ways to re-invigorate your relationship and keep the flame burning bright!

  1. Set a Date Night
    With kids, work and other stresses cluttering your life, it is essential to occasionally remove yourself from life’s many obligations and simply be together. As a couple, you’ll benefit from the private dates, which will help strengthen your relationship in every way. Dating will give you something to look forward to, a shared passion that can help re-ignite your tired minds and bodies. So set a ‘date night’ and remind yourselves of the pleasures of spending precious alone time together.

  2. Get Active!
    Physical activity is a great way to relieve relationship stress, while simultaneously working out the kinks. Teamwork is also the best way to re-establish effective communication with your partner, offering both parties the opportunity to grow and learn. Enjoying each other’s company is an essential element of staying happy; so don’t underestimate the simple joys of getting out and about together. Couples can book weekend or mid-week retreats and adventures, or sign up to a new exercise class together. Popular activities include canoeing, sailing, tandem-bike riding, bush walking or yoga.

  3. Surprise Each Other
    When a relationship is blossoming, it’s possible to surprise each other each and every day. But as time passes, it becomes easy to fall into the traps of routine and predictability. So shake off the schedule and make time for life’s many wonderful surprises. The surprise could be as simple as an unexpected bouquet of flowers or a trip to a local wine bar. Regardless of the size of the gesture, spontaneity and unpredictability are vital to keeping a relationship alive and fresh.

  4. Show Your Partner You Care
    A relationship thrives on intimacy and honesty. But often couples fall into monotonous routines that make statements of love seem like the response on an answering machine and acts of intimacy the work of a robot. When you ask how your partner’s day was, for example, really listen and care about the answer. When you part in the morning, look at them and kiss them goodbye with meaning. Studies have even shown that kissing for over five seconds at least once a day can work wonders in revitalising intimacy. Focus on staying in tune with your partner’s frame of mind and be there for them in times of stress or adversity. When you communicate openly and with candour, you unlock the true potential of your relationship. Re-establish a bridge of communication by paying attention, and showing legitimate and honest care for your significant other.

  5. Go Travelling Together
    Travelling allows couples to bond and find out more about each other. The process of seeing and experiencing new things together will re-invigorate your minds and your understanding of one another. By embarking on a shared experience, it’s easy to work through the rust and get back to having good old-fashioned fun! Cruises and other more leisurely options will do the trick, but travelling to new places and getting out of your respective comfort zones will also lead to an undeniable blossoming of romance.

There’s more to any relationship than a few banner days and predictable celebrations, so make sure you’re always trying your best to make your partner feel your love. With the right amount of attention and patience, you really can re-ignite the passion for eachother keep the steady flame of romance burning bright.