Edwina Bartholomew has labelled her daughter a “monster” as she juggles parenthood just months after giving birth to her second child.

The Sunrise presenter welcomed her second child, baby Thomas, with her husband Neil Varcoe on March 1st.

Edwin has since returned to work and confessed that her two-year-old daughter Molly is struggling to get used to her baby brother.

“The toddler, well, she just turned. Our gentle girl morphed into a monster within a few weeks and I frankly struggled to cope,” she confessed in her weekly column for The Daily Telegraph.

“There was food on the walls, full-blown tantrums on the floor, screaming and that was just me.”

The 39-year-old was constantly told by other parents that adjusting from a family-of-three to four would be a challenge.

She would spend countless hours Googling “How to deal with toddler tantrums” and “When do babies get teeth” as she settled with her new bub.

After having Molly, she thought she had parenting “down pat”, which was true for a while as Thomas “loves to sleep, loves to eat and loves to smile”.

Despite all these good things Edwina wrote that “his arrival still managed to turn the family upside down” with her daughter’s tantrums.

But seeing the two bond makes her “heart explode” and despite going back to work she still “misses them”.

“Watching my daughter blow raspberries on my son’s little tummy makes my heart explode every time and, although her cuddles border on suffocation, his little face lights up when he’s on the receiving end of one of her aggressive squeezes.

“When I say I’m “happily” back at work, I really do mean it. It feels good to get a little bit of myself back.”

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