Grant Denyer has opened up about the “scandalous” way his relationship with Chezzi began.

He appeared with Chezzi on the latest episode of the podcast Separate Bathrooms with Cam and Ali Daddo, where the couple spoke about their unlikely romance.

The Dancing With The Stars contestant revealed that he first began seeing Chezzi while she was his producer on Sunrise and when they were both in relationships with other people.

However, he admitted that their relationship didn’t start with an instant attraction and that they even “hated each other”.

“I was a young, ambitious pain in the arse who thought he knew everything. And she was a creative who thought you know that she could push me around. And I didn’t like that. So we clashed a lot,” he told the hosts.

Despite their frosty start, Denyer said it all changed during the Melbourne Cup one year.

He said they “brushed hands accidentally” and he felt a “tingling sensation” that was “straight out of a Hollywood movie”.

“I was like, I had this instant light bulb reaction – ‘oh my god, I can’t live without this woman’,” he said.

But, with them both being in relationships, Denyer admitted it was a “bit scandalous”.

“Yeah, love comes in different shapes and forms and times … sometimes convenient, sometimes not.”

Chezzi added that they were both “shocked” when they realised they had feelings for each other.

“We did not like each other. I kept saying, ‘please, can I produce anybody else at Sunrise other than Grant because he’s always racing cars. He’s off here. You know, doing this weekend. He turns up really tired. Maybe a bit hungover …’ It was doing my head in. So we really struggled,” she recalled.

The couple tied the knot in 2010 and now share three daughters: Sailor, 10, Scout, six, and Sunday, one.

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