From an Ecuadorian market to buying a new car, this Valentine’s Day WYZA readers reveal how they met ‘the one’. What’s your story?

“We met 22 years ago in an Ecuadorian market. We spoke different languages and came from different countries and backgrounds. A dictionary was how we conversed.” – Rosslyn

“I bought my first car. He was selling a hot pink V8 ute. The car was mine as was the mechanic for 20 years. He gave us so much, our children cared for him when life made changes we never thought possible. He's with us guiding us everyday in our hearts.” – Sharon

“At a night club, 36 years ago. He took my number and two others. I lived near to him so he rang me and we have had 36 wonderful years. It love at first sight.” – Robs

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“We met at a work function. He helped me place my first bet at a dog racing meet. Later we went to a club with the group and when the only other girl there wanted to leave, he offered to walk me home. One good night peck and we have been together for 42 years.” – Louise

“Online! I'd been to a wedding and the bride decided to sit me at a table filled with couples and me! As soon as dessert was done I left and logged in and there he was!” – Maria

“Mutual friends thought we would be a good match and organised a tea at the pub so we could meet. We were married for 15 years and had one son when I lost him. They say it is better to have loved and lost than never loved.” – Helen

“We meet on a dating site and we where both just looking to meet new friends. He lived in Sydney, me in Melbourne. After months of talking on the phone he flew down to meet in person and never went back. Its been 13 years and three children. Funny how it came about You always hear horror stories about meeting people from online especially dating sites but ours was just love at first sight.” – Natasha

“At high tea at a girlfriend's birthday. But this was like serendipity where we were supposed to meet many times over 15 years but just kept missing each other at the same events!” – Oanh

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“I was supposed to be meeting up with somebody else but he stood me up at a coffee shop. As I waited alone – Very annoyed – my now husband of 25 years came over and asked if he could sit with me. Destined.” – Rachel

“I was 13. My (now) husband had just joined the Royal Australia Navy as a Junior Recruit at the age of 15 and was in WA for training. He was billeted by my Aunt and Uncle with his intake friend whose parents my Aunt and Uncle were friends with. That was 43 years ago. Teamwork, cooperation, trail and error, hanging in through the tough times, laughing a lot, a touch of magic every so often – and lots of luck.” – Deborah

“We met through my girlfriend. She introduced me to her older brother and we have been happily together since then! We were together for years before we married because we had both been married before and had two children each. Now they are all raised and two have given us four grandchildren!” – Yvette

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