A bride who helped orchestrate another proposal at her own wedding has gone viral for a very touching reason.

Instead of throwing the bouquet into the crowd, she intentionally handed it to her own mother.

In the moment, the mother-of-the-bride looked confused. That’s when the bride’s future father-in-law emerged from the crowd, got down on one knee, and proposed in front of a crowd of excited wedding guests.

The young bride, Chloe shared the video on social media, saying:

“Dear Mum, it’s your time now <3,” she wrote. “She gave me away so I wanted her to match me.”


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Most commenters loved the video and thought it was a very compassionate act from the bride. “How selfless of the bride on her day,” said one.

Another said, “What a beautiful way to be able to say ‘thanks Mum for all you have done and by my side’ so sweet.”

Though a small minority of viewers disagreed, the TikTok has gained over one million views. Proposing at another wedding is a very controversial topic, with an expert on wedding etiquette weighing in, saying if it were to happen the proposal should occur once festivities are winding down.

Images: TikTok

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