Kyle Sandilands has officially asked Jackie O to be the official godmother for his son Otto.

The KiisFM hosts walked into the studio where Kyle had organised for his partner Tegan to be waiting inside with flowers and gifts before popping the question.

Jackie saw Tegan surrounded by balloons that spelt out her son’s name Otto before gasping as she pointed to the screen.

“Will you be my godmother?” the words on the screen read.

A tearful Jackie immediately said yes as she hugged Kyle before Tegan came and handed her the flowers and embraced each other.

Kyle however interrupted the heartwarming moment by telling his partner that she had to ask the question.

“Will you be Otto’s godmother?” Tegan asked before Kyle stepped in and asked, “Would you do us the honour of officially becoming the godmother?”

Soon after, Jackie was gifted a mug that read “The one where I become a godmother. Est. 2022”.

She was also given a stunning ring with the letter O in morse code but designed with diamonds.

The trio hugged once more before posing for a photo captioned: “Today, Kyle & Tegan asked Jackie to be Baby Otto’s GODMOTHER…. and she said YES!!!!!”

Watch the beautiful moment here.

Image: Facebook

This article first appeared on OverSixty.