The first dance is a big moment for any bride and groom, but it was even more special for Oksana and Victor.

Oksana lost both her legs on a Russian landmine in March, in their home town of Lysychansk, located in the Russian-occupied eastern Ukraine region of Luhansk.

The explosion didn’t injure Victor, although they were together at the time, but the bride lost both of her legs as well as four fingers on her left hand.

Oksana underwent four surgeries and was later evacuated to Dnipro to recover and prepare for prosthetics, and eventually to Lviv, in the west near the Polish border.

As she waited for the next part of the healing process, the couple, who have two children together, took the opportunity to wed in a Lviv hospital last week.

“Life should not be postponed until later, decided Oksana and Victor, who in six years together never found time for marriage,” Lviv Medical Association said, sharing video of the couple’s special moment.

The footage was also shared by Ukraine’s Parliament, which wished the couple well in their new life together. The sweet dance shows the groom carrying his new wife in his arms as she buries her head in her husband’s neck.

The couple are said to have wed at a local registry office before the hospital reception took place. Oksana is set to travel to Germany for further treatment.

Image: Twitter 

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