Tom Hanks yelled at a group of fans after they got too close to his wife Rita Wilson causing her to lose her footing.

The Oscar-winning actor was outside a New York restaurant with his wife on Wednesday night when they were spotted by fans who rushed toward them.

Footage of the incident shows a fan pushing another which resulted in them bumping into Wilson who stumbled and lost her footing.

“Stop it!” Wilson shouted at the group.

“My wife? Back the f**k off! Knocking over my wife?” an angry Hanks yelled.

The pair were then quickly ushered into their awaiting car with one fan heard apologising saying: “Sorry about that, Tom”.

Hanks and Wilson were reportedly at a screening of Elvis where Hanks stars as the singer’s manager Colonel Tom Parker.

The pair have been married since 1988, and have two sons 31-year-old Chet Hanks and 26-year-old Truman Hanks.

Hanks has another two children from his ex-wife of nine years Samantha Lewes, 44-year-old Colin Hanks and 40-year-old actress Elizabeth Ann Hanks.

Watch the footage here.


This article first appeared on OverSixty.